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# 14 – mp3 Players and music downloads

MP3 players are increasingly popular these days, not only as a stand-alone item, but also on mobile phones, games stations, TV etc. MP3s allow you to choose the music you want to listen to from your CD collection, or you can purchase individual songs from onsite sites.  Even if you’re entirely new to this kind of technology – it’s simple enough to get started.

The most common,  and arguably easiest, method of getting music onto an MP3 player is to copy CDs directly to it.

Most MP3 players will come with a CD that contains some software that allows your PC to hook up to the MP3 player. Install this and then connect your MP3 player to the computer. Once you’ve confirmed that the computer can see the player you’re ready to start putting music on it.

How to rip your CDs

Open up your chosen CD and put it into your PC. The software associated with your MP3 player should sense that a music CD has been inserted and ask you if you want to copy it to the player. If it doesn’t, don’t panic, simply go to the file menu and select import to start the process manually. The faster your computer the quicker the files will be ripped.

The music on the CD will now be copied from the disc to your computer’s hard disk and from there onto the MP3 player. You should take into account the quality settings, as MP3 is actually lower quality audio than that of a CD. So if you want to improve the sound make sure you do so in the preferences section of your software. As a general rule of thumb think “The better the quality –  the larger the file”  .  Take into account that you might not be able to get all the music you want on to your MP3 player if you choose a high-quality file setting. You can expect to get  250 decent quality songs on a 1GB MP3 player.

My mp3 player did not come with any software!

If you don’t have any software for your MP3 device then you should be able to copy across MP3-format audio files by: 

  1. Hooking up the device to a USB connection on your computer.
  2. Your computer should now automatically detect the device, probably showing it as a removable hard disk.
  3. If it doesn’t detect automatically : Going through the settings on your device to find a “USB CONNECT” or “USB MODE” option. Some devices do that automatically when they detect power on the USB cable, others (like the Sony PSP) require you to do it manually).
  4. Copy your music files from your hard drive to the device.

Some MP3 players don’t require software at all you simply copy the music file to it as if you were putting a file into a folder. In this instance you’ll simply drag the file to the player, which should show up as a drive in My Computer. Although this approach is hassle free it doesn’t allow you much as control or editing options.

Activity.  Thing #14

1.  If you have a mp3 player, follow the instructions above to copy music from a CD to it.

2.  Other than your CDs you can put music onto an MP3 player through one of the many online music stores available.

a.  Have a look at the Amazon and iTunes sites. 

b.  If you have an Apple device you may want to download from iTunes

c.  If you have another make of mp3 Player, you may wish to use the Amazon website.

d.  Follow the instructions on site.  Both are fairly simple to use .

e.  There are other music download sites that you may want to investigate, such as Play.com or Napster.  Make sure that the site you are downloading from is only involved in legal downloads.  Further information and further legal download sites can be found in this Guardian article:  Where to Download music legally

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