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#6 – Setting up a delicious account

delicious is a social bookmarking site that lets you save and organize links to web content. It’s a bit like the ‘Bookmarks’ or ‘Favorites’ folders in Firefox or Internet Explorer. Only much better. With delicious ( formerly known as del.icio.us), you never have to remember which computer you saved that link on. So if you’re going from work to home, or use different computers around the library, all of your bookmarks are always available.

Some of the benefits for using social bookmarking are:

• Never be tied to one computer or browser anymore! Store your favourite sites online.
• Find others that have common interests and review the sites they have saved (you may just find a few that interest you that you have missed).
• Organize and discover new sites based on the tags that you and others have chosen to describe sites.


Check out Devon Libraries own delicious account.


Check out the Getting Started section on delicious.

Ready for the #6 Thing? Time to set up your own delicious account!

Set up an account with delicious. But remember to do the following during the registration process!
• pay attention to the password requirements, and check your email inbox to complete the registration.
• download the delicious toolbar widget into your Internet browser when prompted. This is very important!

Once you’ve set up your account, bookmark and tag the 23Things@devon libraries page by using either one of these options:
a) Go to the 23things homepage and then in your browser click on the deli.cio.us ‘Tag’ widget you installed when registering. (This is the widget you downloaded in Step 1.)
b) Go to your account on del.icio.us, click on the ‘Save a new bookmark’ link to the top right of the screen and paste in the URL. Click on ‘Next’.

Add a description to your bookmark. Often cutting and pasting a paragraph from the page saved is useful.

Add some tags and click on then ‘Save’ button.

Bookmark at least 10 other websites of your choice to your delicious account. Add descriptions and tags to each one of them. Remember: when adding tags, chocolate_chip_cookies and ChocolateChipCookies are both one tag, while chocolate chip cookies is three tags! So if your tag is a phrase and therefore has more than one word you need to make sure there are no spaces between the words.

Finally:  Create a blog post about your experience of using Delicious.  Reflect on the potential relevance of Web-based, social bookmarking to your personal life, professional life, and for library customers.  Are there any particular safety or privacy issues to consider?

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