The Programme

Devon Libraries 23 Things Programme

Week 1:  Introduction and Background information

Welcome to the programme.  Read this blog and start the programme.  Find out what Web2.0 and Library2.0 really mean.     Decide what your own blog will be about.

 Week 2:  Blogging

 1. Set up your own blog. Write your first blog post and email your blog link to us.  Spend time practising how to write and edit blog posts

 Week 3:  Photos and Images

 Learn how to download photos from a digital camera and upload them to a website.  Upload a photograph to your blog

 2. Explore Flickr and set up an account.

3. Explore Flickr Tools and play around with online image generators

 Week 4/5:  RSS and News

 Create a technology related blogpost about something that interests you this week.  Share it with others on this programme.

 4. Learn about RSS feeds

5. Discover library related blogs, news feeds and websites

Week 6:  Social bookmarking and tagging

6. Setting up a delicious account

7. Discover tagging and folksonomies

 Week 7:  Social Networking and sharing sites

8.  Set up a Facebook account and join Devon Libraries Facebook group

9.  Create your own online library at LibraryThing

10.  Follow and be followed at Twitter.  Do you Digg it?

Week 8:   Wikis

11. Learn about wikis and discover some innovative ways that libraries are using them

12. Explore Wikipedia and create your own wiki entry

Week 9:  Pod casts, video and audio

 13. Discover YouTube and other video sharing sites

14.  Download music onto an mp3 player via iTunes / Amazon

15. What are Pod casts?  Discover some useful search tools to locate pod casts

16. Discover BBC iplayer and look at TV and Radio on the net

17.  e-Books

Week 10:  Online Tools and Applications

 18. Take a look at Cloud Computing

19.  Some of the best Online Tools

20.  Research Web 2, Library 2. and the future of libraries

 Week 11:   Gaming and Virtual Worlds

 Play around with the internet and look at some of the lighter sides of the internet that are increasingly popular with our customers.

 21. Second Life – create a virtual avatar

22. Brain training – puzzles, quizzes, and fun things to do

23. MMORPG – the world of online gaming, multi-player

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